Torrin, the Inventor

Torrin is an inventor and tends to be more logical and serious than most elves. His curiosity drives him to take apart machinery in order to figure out the mechanisms. At the Elf Christmas tree farm, Torrin builds the tools and equipment that help make the process of growing Elf Trees easier, quicker, or just more fun. He often collaborates with Mateo who has mad design skills; together they created the Elf Tree stand.

During his free time, Torrin likes to challenge one of his many friends to a game of chess; he's been Elf Land chess champion three years in a row. He also enjoys working on his pet projects; right now it's a rocket launcher snowball shooter. It drives Torrin crazy that he always gets bombarded with snowballs during snowball war. Although he doesn't know who his assailant is, he suspects it's that crazy Zane who races around on his sled. Next game, Torrin has a surprise for Zane.